Control ads. Fund creators with your time, not cash.

Tad is your way to fully control ads. It’s your way of saying “If I’m going to watch ads (and that’s a big if!), the ads better be good, and they better do a good job of funding only the creators I care about."

Tad is the most efficient way to fund content creators by watching ads.

Here's how Tad works.

Find creators you ♡

Think of the creators you love. These are the people that create what you enjoy watching, reading, playing or listening to. Follow them in Tad.

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Watch ads for creators

Watch a few good ads in Tad. Pick the ads you want, when you want to watch them. You’re in full control. Tad will only show you the best ads out there.

Ads fund creators with $

With each ad you watch you’ll earn cash for the the creators you ♡. 100% of the value you create goes straight to your creators. Tad pays them the most per ad to keep creating the content you love.


Install the Tad app from the App Store or Google Play