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Tad is a place where people go to watch high quality ads, a place where they expect and enjoy entertaining, inspiring, and useful stories from brands.

Tad gives brands a platform for ads to work the way they should. Ads are delivered to real people, ready and willing to watch them. Ads can be targeted by brands and self-selected by consumers, increasing impact and reducing waste. Ads in Tad bring full transparency to the ad-value-exchange, allowing people to watch ads explicitly to fund the content and creators they love.

Advertising with Tad turns your ads into content people actually want to watch. Win for advertisers, win for consumers.

Here's how Tad works.


Plan your video ad campaign by demos, interests, or ad-receptivity themes.


People go to Tad to watch ads to support creators they love. No need to worry about ad blocking, ad avoidance or ad fraud. Only real people use Tad.


They'll choose to watch your ads or not; you only pay when they do. Learn which ads get the most views, and the parts of ads that are most-liked.


At least 90% of your media buy goes straight to creators, ensuring your media buy is not only delivering results, but also is investing in future creator and user growth.


High quality ads, choice, transparency, and the ability to support creators keeps people coming back to Tad. You'll always have a highly engaged audience to tell your brand stories to.


Get started with Tad.

Showcasing your brand's ads in Tad is super-easy and risk free. Contact us below to learn more about partnering with Tad and find out what it takes to get your brand's ads featured in Tad. Check out our iOS and Android mobile apps.

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