About Tad

What is Tad?

Tad is the easiest way to fund your favorite creators. Instead of funding with cash, Tad lets you earn “Tads” by watching high quality ads. You then send Tads to creators you choose, who redeem them for cash.

How does Tad work?

Tad partners with brands that produce the best ads out there - the ads you are most likely to find entertaining, inspiring, or useful some way. Ideally, they are ads you’d want to watch anyway. Brands are willing to pay for each ad view, the amount of which is translated into Tads and visible to you for each ad. That way you’ll know exactly how much your time is worth for a particular ad. You can also choose the categories of ads that are most likely to interest you. If you don’t a like an ad, trash it with a left-swipe. You’re in full control.

Creators join Tad to have an additional revenue source to keep them making the content you love. Ads across the web pay creators remarkably little, driven by factors out of their control. Your willingness to view ads, and choose ads that interest you are way more valuable. Since ads in Tad pay creators many many times more than ads elsewhere, they’ll be able to focus more on creating the stuff you like to watch, read or listen to. They may even throw in some perks for supporting them with Tad!

How much are “Tads” worth?

10 Tads is equal to $0.01 USD. The average ad is worth 30 Tads or $0.03. That may not sound like a lot, but it ads up pretty quickly for creators, especially if they have a few thousand people earning Tads for them. Every little bit helps.

How many Tads can I earn?

You can earn up to 500 Tads per day per creator. The counter will stop incrementing once you've hit 500 for the day.

What information does Tad know about me?

Not much really. We don’t collect any personal information, and only store a small number of interactions related to your device to improve the app experience. See more at http://www.gettad.com/privacy.

How do I become a creator in Tad?

Super easily! Fill out the quick form at http://www.gettad.com/creators.

How do I add my advertisements to Tad?

Just contact us and we’ll work out the details. It’s pretty simple. Fill out the quick form at http://www.gettad.com/advertisers and we’ll get back to you.

How can I contact Tad?

Send us a note at support@tad.media or tweet at us at @GiveaTad.